October 1st, 2015


Japan Trip Plan B

I probably should have posted about this yesterday, but it was Review Rednesday, and we hate to miss Review Rednesday. Plus we don't have time to think of a good name for if we decide to do it on Thursday, but we almost did it on Tuesday last week and we would have called it "Reviewsday." Cool, right?

Anyway, as I mentioned on Tuesday, our plans to give ourselves the kick needed to cross the Pacific Ocean fell through when we failed to win the Kingdom Hearts Fan Event ticket lottery. We were part bummed and part relieved, because we don't quite have the capacity to handle planning a trip to Japan this month (and we would have to leave at the end of this month).

Then it just so happened that someone else did win a ticket lottery, this time for an event in January. But in a tragic turn of events, none of her friends scored tickets, and apparently don't have the time/money/whatever to go to Japan without the motivation of a super awesome seiyuu concert. Anyway, the someone who won the tickets is a friend of ours from Anime Expo, with whom we once shared a hotel room. We found out about all these goings on when she suddenly posted to Facebook, "I don't want to go to Japan alone!"

Our first reaction was, "What? You're going to Japan? Why would you be going alone?" So we asked about it and she explained what I just explained in the previous paragraph. Well, we needed some motivation to get ourselves to Japan, and here was some. The timing was good, too. We told her, "We just lost a ticket lottery, too, but we need to go to Japan soon anyway." And she said, "How does January sound?" And we said, "Pretty good!"

So now we have plans to plan to go to Japan in January. It will be cold. We're still planning to go to Disneyland (we haven't told her yet, but we think she'll be amenable). And most importantly, somehow the fact that we'll be helping someone else makes us less scared and more confident! Tadah!

(PS: lyschan, I know there was talk of you joining us on a trip to Japan. If you want to go January 13th-23rd-ish, we can see if she would be okay with you coming along. She seems to be a more-the-merrier type.)

And that concludes the story of our Japan Trip Plan B.

Today I'm thankful for finishing our Your Lie in April translation today, finally getting the laptop to agree to play Kingdom Hearts [chi] (now we're supposed to fight a boss that's ridiculously powerful), getting to read manga last night, Page's super cute sleeping posture, and it being time to watch TV and eat dinner.