September 21st, 2015


First world problems

We started the first of two translations that are due a week from today, so of course what better time for Gaston to call and let us know he's coming down for a Disneyland visit on Wednesday. Siiiiiiiigh. But we can't just tell him no, because we want to go to Disneyland, too! People have scoffed at our problems, and frankly I can't blame them, but it would be nice if we could get a significant amount of work out of the way and not have a significant amount of work ahead of us before we started taking time off. We can't complain about having steady employment, and we can't complain about getting to go to Disneyland either, but it would be nice if we could just stop moving for a little while. We are not sharks!

Sometimes I think of how we're going to finish the translation we started today, and we're going to turn it in, and our editor is going to ask us when we want our deadline to be for the next volume and I think my brain is going to explode. I tell myself, "It's okay, there's time! Just factor in all the things that haven't made it onto your schedule yet, like the inevitable Noragami and whatever else we do for that editor with some wiggle room for Yen Press titles, and you should be able to come up with something that will give you some time off!" But there are too many uncertainties! Our schedule has been so jumbled up with all the everything that I have no idea what order anything is supposed to go in anymore. Fortunately, that's usually not our job. I'm sure we'll work it all out.

So in diverting ourselves, we finished the True Beginner workout program at Daily Burn last week, and now we're trying to decide what program to go to next. There's one that's all dance that looks really fun, but some of the workouts are 45-minutes long and we're not sure we're ready to commit to that much time, especially when we have people coming to stay with us during the week. So in our indecisiveness, we made up our own workout! It's called "practice the Yato Matsuri dance until you're out of breath, and then do some anaerobic exercise like, I don't know rowing or squats or planking or something." We might switch that around tomorrow and do the anaerobic exercise first. But anyway, it's a pretty fun dance, except the right and left arms get a disproportionate workout. And we're having a really hard time memorizing it, but we expected that. Dance routines were never the easiest thing for us to memorize. But I think if I were able to read the lyrics to the song while we did the dance, I'd probably have that memorized long before we're done.

And now, Pizza Hut has yet a new style of pizza for us to try out, so I think we'll be making an order today.

Today I'm thankful for managing to finish that first draft today (the book had the nerve to be more than 200 pages long!), having plans to go to Disneyland on Wednesday, also having a plan to combat the so-far inevitable exhaustion that follows a day at Disneyland with Gaston, getting to start learning the Yato Matsuri dance, and the other translation we have due next week being a series that has so far been fairly easy to translate.