September 9th, 2015


Let's Dance a Waltz, volume 3

We're hearing thunder in the distance and really hoping that means tomorrow will be significantly cooler. All through August, we kept having these miniature heat waves, where the temperature would creep toward 100 degrees, and every time, we were like, "But after this, it'll cool down and we should be fine because autumn is coming!" And every time, it did cool down, but then it went up again. Today they predicted a high of 100, sometimes a few degrees more, depending on when we checked, and even though we have our new cooling system, a)we're still trying to get it to affect our office more, and b)we had to go outside today. But fortunately, we managed not to melt, and we finished work at a normal time!

Anyway, it's Review Rednesdays, and last week we promised a review of the last volume of Let's Dance a Waltz, so here it is! Spoiler level: high.

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And that's that. Now we get to say goodbye again. Why did it have to end so soon? (Athena: "And why is Anime News Network calling Natsumi Ando's next series Haiji to Yamao when it's clearly Heidi? Maybe I'd know if I read the series.") It's for the best, though, because we are so swamped. Anyway, it looks like I never mentioned Ando-sensei's notes about researching ballroom dance. Those were the best. That dance magazine editor guy and how he'd come right out and ask the dancers all the hard questions! And the girls' reactions. Oh man. (I'd tell you what they are, but then why would you read the book? Other than for Tango, of course.)

Today I'm thankful for fond memories of a sweet manga, deciding to go to the grocery store in the morning thus ensuring being home before the thunder started, Hershey's Snacksters being on sale, having an easy workout today, and being almost done with the third labyrinth in Persona Q.