September 8th, 2015



Whew, nothing like a core workout to make you feel like you're gonna die.

Anyway, it has come to our attention that maybe we should make a few notes about HanaYume Online, or more specifically, Fruits Basket Another. Pretty much everybody had trouble accessing it, and what we neglected to mention in all our talking about it was this: so did we. We discovered the site had been updated at a certain time, but we wanted to play Kingdom Hearts [chi] instead, and by the time we were done, apparently every fan of HanaYume Online in existence had also discovered the update, because boy howdy did we have a hard time accessing the chapter online. We persevered anyway, in our race to get the translation out sooner (which I'm sure many other fan translators also did).

It was funny, though, because when we finally got to the chapter, it still took forever for the first few pages to load. In fact, it took so long to load, that we almost missed the first black-and-white page entirely, because when things take a long time to load, we tend to mess with stuff. But anyway, the pages were taking a long time to load, and they'd load a little bit at a time, like puzzle pieces. Of course that had us freaking out because we didn't want any spoilers, even if those spoilers were less than a page away (context is everything!), so we would go read internet things while we waited. Then a page would load, we'd translate it, turn the page, and oops! not loaded yet, back to internet articles.

Fortunately, after the first few pages, they had all loaded, so we didn't have to worry about that anymore. And that brings us to note number one: if you wait long enough (barring error messages), the whole chapter will load. If you do get an error message, you can try again. We got a zillion time outs before we finally got it to work. On the other hand, if you find that kind of thing to be too frustrating, read on to note number two.

The second note is something we learned playing Kingdom Hearts [chi]. We don't usually participate in the team chat because we're afraid of everything, but we do read it, and one time there had just been a big update for some kind of special event. People in the chat were talking about how slow the game was loading now, and someone pointed out that it always goes slow after a big update. Apparently the same goes for online manga magazines.

So the secret is to not try to access the magazine right after an update. I mean, of course if you want to get to it sooner and you don't mind waiting forever for things to load or refreshing several times because of error messages, there's no problem with checking the page on Fridays (we're going to!). But if you do mind all that stuff, try checking in the middle of the week, like on a Tuesday, and it should all be hunky-dory.

And that concludes our notes on accessing Fruits Basket Another. The floor is now open for questions (assuming there are any).

Today I'm thankful for slowly coming back to life after that workout, making good progress on My Monster Secret today (despite the heat and the format), Page being super cute, being done with that workout for today (it will be back on Friday...), and finally remembering to write that note for Stray Stories.