September 2nd, 2015


Your Lie in April volume 3

Well, we had a day off and I think it helped? But it would have helped more if we weren't looking at another day away from work on Friday, but it's Gaston's birthday and who are we to say no to a day at Disneyland on someone's birthday? It wouldn't even be a problem if we didn't have a volume of Say I Love You due on Monday. That wouldn't be a problem either if it wasn't also interrupted by Persona Q (side P3, which is always more talkative) and UQ Holder!. Things are shaping up to be pretty overwhelming, so here's hoping Disneyland is very relaxing!

Anyway, it's also Review Rednesdays! So have another review! This time, Your Lie in April, because I'm still not ready to talk about the last volume of Let's Dance a Waltz (but that one's up next week, so if you want to read it before we post our review, heck, you have time to read the whole series!).

Anyway, spoiler level: medium?.

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Today I'm thankful for getting to buy things on our wishlist, getting to listen to our Daigyakuten Saiban soundtrack (it came with the special edition), finishing Daigyakuten Saiban (we were sure there would be at least one more case--too many unanswered questions! surely they're planning a sequel, right?), Asogi's theme, and our favorite frozen pizzas being on sale yesterday. And remembering that we have Whatchamacallits! Mmm!