August 31st, 2015


Time for a mental health day.

Okay, so yesterday was a special day when the Primary Presidency decided that all of Primary would consist of singing time (usually it's divided between Singing Time and Sharing Time, which are supposed to take even amounts of time, but you never know), and since Athena is in charge of Singing Time, she planned something Big. She set up a treasure hunt, but it wasn't logistically feasible to make it much of a traveling quest, so instead eight keys were hidden around the room, and each key went to one of eight locks on a treasure chest. But before the key would work, the kids had to accomplish an activity and then sing the song that goes with it. In this way, hopefully the kids would be interested in mastering the songs that will be performed in the Primary Program in October.

This is not the kind of creativity we're used to exercising, so it took up a lot of mental energy over the last several weeks. That, in addition to shifting our wake-up time, super heat (not as hot as Fresno, but still really hot, and at least we had AC in Fresno), working out, meeting people at Disneyland, a ward party, and a lot of walking had us pretty tuckered out come Sunday, which also included choir practice, a choir performance, and teaching Primary Sunday School lessons. The idea was to come home from church, call Mom like we usually do, and crash--sleep and sleep and sleep until it was time to wake up and get back to work. Or watch My Little Pony and then sleep and sleep and sleep.

So the choir performance went well, and Singing Time went well. The kids all participated, even when it came to bearing their testimonies in front of a group. They were pretty eager to get that treasure chest opened...but there were too many songs, and they only got halfway there. This is actually a very good thing, because it means zero planning will be required for Singing Time next week.

The bad news is that we got recruited to do the music for a Single Adult Fireside last night. The topic was pretty fascinating (symbolism in the scriptures), and it turns out the speaker was our second cousin once removed, which was neat. We had a very good time (and Reese's cake!) but it kept us out late enough that we didn't even make it to bed at our regular bedtime (because we stayed up to watch one episode of My Little Pony after all; we needed to wind down after being social), let alone super early like we'd hoped. We probably would have thrown in the towel and taken the day off today, but that volume of Your Lie in April was due today. But we finished it!

And tomorrow we will be taking a mental health day...which will probably also include going grocery shopping, because the heat and preparing for Singing Time prevented us from going on Saturday like we usually do. But hopefully it will recharge us enough to get through our next batch of deadlines, which is spaced out enough to give us almost three weeks for three books. If two of those weren't our hardest titles, we'd be in good shape.

Today I'm thankful for the weather being cooler this week, deals on Pizza Hut pizza (we decided we do need an emergency pizza today), it not taking all day to finish that translation, Page not being lost forever (she found a new favorite hangout for the hot weather and we have yet to locate it; but she just came out to say hi), and mental health days.