August 28th, 2015


Noragami event

Today is kind of a rush day, too, but! we got done ahead of schedule (sort of), so we have a little time to spare. And that means we can talk about that Noragami event report we found! We came across it the other day, but we were kind of in the middle of some other stuff, so we just searched the page for any time it said Kaji-san and went on our merry way. But we read some neat stuff, and I wanted to share, so today we went back and read it again so I could report on the report more coherently.

Apparently there was a Noragami event that took place on June 7th last year, and a fan was kind enough to report on her experience attending it. I'm trying to decide if I should link to her blog post for everyone to see or not...

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Today I'm thankful for fans who post event reports for those of us who couldn't attend, having a ward party to go to, making good enough progress on Your Lie in April today that it was okay to stop when we did, the weather forecast predicting cooler weather next week, and getting to eat a delicious Freschetta pizza.