August 27th, 2015

kid flash

Hurry hurry hurry!

I was fully intending to post something about that Noragami event report we found today, but somehow I didn't realize how rushed we'd end up feeling. Ironically, I think this is because we ended up having less work to do. We were planning to divide work between Your Lie in April and a chapter of UQ Holder!, but the latter didn't happen, so instead, we pushed ourselves to finish the April rough draft. And we did! Tadah! ...And I'm going through another phase where brief thoughts pass through my head about, "What if all this rushing makes our translations terrible!?" But I think we manage to do a pretty good job anyway. Hey, why don't you read the series and find out for us? (I'm also kind of in shameless plug mode lately.)

Anyway, the rush is for two reasons. One, this translation of Your Lie in April is due on Monday. That gives us two days (tomorrow and Monday) to work on the edit, which is twice as much time as it took us to do the first draft, so it should be fine. (Although we probably will have UQ Holder! tomorrow, so.) If it's not fine, we can ask for more time, but we'd really rather not have to do that. It's hard, because we keep looking ahead at our schedule and thinking, "Okay, we just need to get through this batch, and we'll have more free time again!" And then we get a new batch before we finish the first one. And then agencies come along and say, "Hey, do you want to work on this project that you would super duper love to work on but will take a million years out of your life?" And we're like, "!!! ...Yes!"

That being the case, moving back any deadline will result in less time to meet any deadline after that, so we're hoping to avoid that. Ideally, we'll even finish Your Lie in April tomorrow, but let's not kid ourselves.

The other reason for the rush is that we have plans to meet a friend at Disneyland tonight. Tadah! Actually, I think some of you may know her from Twitter, but since I don't have permission to mention her name here, I won't. Our appointment isn't until seven, which gives us loads of time, but we wanted to do some shopping, and we told her to eat without us, so we want to make sure to feed ourselves. We also know that things seem to always take longer than expected when travel to Disneyland is involved, so it's better to be super early than late. Plus, it's Disneyland! So of course we want to get there ASAP.

Today I'm thankful for managing to finish that first draft, loving our job (if we didn't, it would probably kill us...or we'd quit and go work at Disneyland), forecasts of cooler weather in the future, getting to go to Disneyland today, and getting to meet up with friends.