August 26th, 2015


Say I Love You 9

We did it! We finished the Edit of Doom! And it only took us three days! And I think it turned out pretty good, so that's nice, too.

And now it's time for Review Rednesdays! Three of our translations were released this week, and we're having a hard time choosing which one to review today. Your Lie in April seems like the most popular, so it seems like that's the one we should give people time to read before posting a review. We also have Say I Love You 9 and the last volume of Let's Dance a Waltz, both of which are fairly popular, I think. So I guess you might have to just skip the review and come back later for...Say I Love You, because this one isn't the last volume.

Spoiler alert level: medium.

Collapse )

Wow, reading that made me tired. (Not because of the content of the manga, but because I talk about how tired we were when we worked on that, and we just worked overtime today. We've managed to recuperate some since that volume of Say I Love You, but we're still very busy bees.)

Today I'm thankful for finishing the Edit of Doom, the Edit of Doom being fun so it wasn't quite so doomful, the hope of maybe actually meeting our deadline for Your Lie in April (though we shouldn't count on it; but at least we'll have more time to work on it than we planned for!), having two fans to help us beat the heat, and semi-randomly coming across reports of Noragami events (don't let me forget to post about that!).