August 21st, 2015


It's not about the pizza.

Today was a bit of an unusual day. We quit work early because! we were invited to a birthday party at John's Incredible Pizza! We didn't mean to be antisocial while we were there, but it did kind of turn out that way, so I feel a little bad about that. But we did have a good time, and I think we might have at least provided some entertainment, because there was one game in the arcade that we were determined to play, and play it we did. It was Dance Dance Revolution. Aaah, back to our roots.

...Or not, really, because we didn't even really realize DDR was a thing until we were 18. We were vaguely aware of it after we stopped by the video game room at Anime Expo 2000 and the friend we went with said he wanted to see people dressed as the Sailor Starlights playing DDR, but we didn't really know what he was talking about until around Christmas of that year, when we went to Disneyland with some friends we met at Anime Expo, and they insisted we go to the Starcade in Tomorrowland so they could play DDR. After that, it kind of became an obsession. Our family found out we could buy a home version and decided we had to do it, because there was absolutely no way any of us was willing to embarrass ourselves by learning how to play in a public arcade.

We don't get to play at all anymore, because our dance pads have died and they don't have it at the arcade in Tomorrowland anymore. (After Wreck-It Ralph, somebody had the bright idea to put games from yesteryear in Tomorrowland.) But they had it at John's Incredible Pizza, and we played the heck out of it. ...Or we would have, if we'd had the stamina for that kind of thing. We still played it a lot longer than our stamina allowed. (We have friends from college who may be able to attest to a time when we went to a nickel arcade and played DDR until we were dying, but still looked longingly at the machine and almost went to it again as we were on the way out.)

Maybe one day, we'll get the fancy metal dance pads, and then we can play and play and play... *wistful eyes*

After that, we discovered the arcade version of Temple Run, which Athena started playing for the fun of it, and then she discovered she could get tickets from it, so she kept playing. She's never gotten tickets at an arcade before! Then we discovered the Wheel of Fortune game, and at first we were like, "Ha ha, that's funny," and then we were like, "Wait a second...we rock at Wheel of Fortune!" And it turned out to be super easy! And we would have kept playing until we had enough tickets to get one of the bigger stuffed animals, but our ride home seemed ready to go and we didn't want to keep her waiting too long. So we cashed in our tickets and got some giant sunglasses (for help with games in Singing Time), a slinky, and a little plush lizard/salamander thing.

And on top of that, everyone at the party got balloon animals! Well, sort of. Balloon animals were available to everyone, but we almost didn't get any because we were sitting at the other table (there were two, and one had the majority of the people). Then one of the employees was clearing our table, and he was like, "Are you sure you don't want a balloon animal?" And I was like, "I absolutely want a balloon animal! What can you make?" "I can only make dogs, but the girls can make, like, anything." Then a few minutes later, one of the girls came over with a little balloon corsage for each of us! Awwww! Then the woman hosting the party saw them and asked for one for each of the girls at the party, so I like to think we contributed a little tiny bit to everyone's enjoyment.

And now we're home and it's Friday, and despite having played DDR for way longer than we should have for being at a party where we weren't drinking any water (our own fault), we're going to work out. And then enjoy our weekend, because on Monday, we have the Edit of Doom waiting for us.

Today I'm thankful for being invited to the birthday party, cute little balloon corsages, having our passports! aaaaahhh!, the super adorable Big Hero 6 lithographs we got (Disney Movie Rewards was doing a "redeem 300 points for a mystery lithograph set!" thing; we got two Big Hero 6 lithographs, and two from the Neverbeast Tinker Bell movie, and somehow we think those are the ones most people got, but they're all very pretty), and having a great time playing DDR and other arcade games.