August 19th, 2015


Noragami volume 6

It's Wednesday, and you know what that means! This week, just one thing we translated hit bookstore shelves, and that's Noragami 6! That being the case, we thought about skipping this week in favor of getting our Disneyland report posted, but ultimately we decided against it, in no small part because I still feel super rushed about everything, and it's quicker to post something I already wrote. (Another thing on today's to-do list: write more reviews.)

So here it is! Spoiler threat level: ...Medium...?

Collapse )

Today I'm thankful for getting to talk about Noragami, making good enough progress on work that it's probably...? okay to stop when we did, getting some accidental extra sleep this morning (apparently we needed it, and it turned out not to cause too many schedule problems), finally having time to start getting caught up on reviews, and having fun at work today.