August 16th, 2015

kid flash


Weekends are always busier these days, but this weekend was busier than usual. Gaston and Alice are coming over to go to Disneyland tomorrow, and we thought we should maybe try to be hospitable and make sure the place was clean. That wouldn't have been so much of an issue, since we do like to clean the place occasionally anyway, but when we were translating Devil Survivor, we got to a part that was past where we've played in the game. So we wanted to play the game to that part, in case the translation seemed particular about any of the terms. And we had to go grocery shopping and make sure not to neglect our exercise.

Then today choir practice went a little bit late and, in addition to our weekly call to Mother, we needed to call Dad and wish him a happy birthday. So everything has been a kind of a whirl and I hardly know what's what anymore. But on the bright(?) side, we decided to go ahead and look up the Japanese voice cast to Devil Survivor, and Kaji-kun is in fact in it, so we're okay.

There was some adorableness in Primary today, so let's see if I can gather my wits enough to remember what it was. Let's see...for Sharing Time, the counselor in the Primary Presidency had invited some people from the Holy Land to tell about Jesus's power over death. So the missionaries serving in our ward came in all dressed in sheets and pillowcases. ...But I don't think there was anything else adorable about that.

I think I remember! I was teaching the Sunbeams (we had two visitors today, so there was more than one this week), and the lesson was "I can say 'I'm Sorry'". While I was trying to explain the process of proper repentance (admit you did something wrong, say you're sorry, promise not to do it again, and do what you can to fix your mistake), the kid who is in our ward kept trying to change the subject, and when I got to the part about presenting hypothetical situations and asking the kids what they should do in them, he blurted out, "Halloween!"

So I decided to run with it. I said, "I hate Halloween! I think it's stupid!" (This was my example of saying something unkind.) Then I said, "Did that hurt your feelings?" "No." That's actually a good thing, but for the sake of this example, I tried to get him to pretend I hurt his feelings. Instead, he covered his ears and said, "Why do you keep saying that bad word?" Then I remembered that his brother got on Athena's case for saying a bad word when she said "Darn it!", and I realized that of course a kid who's not even allowed to say darn would not be allowed to say stupid. So I amended my phrasing, then I worked through the example, and for added good measure, we ended the class with a discussion about what we all like about Halloween.

Today I'm thankful for getting to go to Disneyland tomorrow, making it to the part in Devil Survivor that we were worried about (there's still one term we're a little iffy on, though...), having cookies (we decided the purchase of cookies was necessary for our survival), seiyuu harmonizing, and our grocery store selling root beer floats for charity on a ridiculously hot day that could really use some ice cream (they had an employee scooping out ice cream and pouring root beer, and you could get a float for a dollar, and all the proceeds went to City of Hope) (the day didn't need ice cream, but the people in the day needed it).