August 10th, 2015



Since I mentioned it yesterday and there's not a whole lot else going on right now (except that we saw the episode of My Little Pony with the Smooze! oh, the memories! ...but not much happened with it, so), I guess we might as well talk about that Koei-Tecmo game we think we translated.

A fun and exciting aspect of video game translation is that you don't always get to know what project you'll be working on before you agree to work on it. At least, that's an aspect when you work on games through an agency. So what happens is, the project manager at the agency says, "Hey, we have a project, it's about this big and we want it to take this long. Are you available?" Sometimes they tell you who made the game. Then when they send you the files to work on, you get to find out what the game is.

That being the case, sometimes you end up working on games that you wouldn't normally have agreed to work on, especially when you want to maintain a good reputation with an agency that has the potential of getting you work on games from your very favorite game publisher. But anyway, this game was not from that publisher, and we knew that going in, but we didn't know what it was, and we may not have agreed to work on it, but it did make for some good experience, I think.

So now I'll stop stalling and tell you, the game was Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess. You play as Velguirie, the daughter of the Devil, who wakes up in Darkside Heaven, where her servant tells her she needs to hunt souls to use to revive the Devil and destroy the world, which she wants to do out of revenge or something. To hunt souls, you pull someone into a nightmare, then set a bunch of traps, and lure them into the traps until they die or you can capture them or something. (We didn't play the game, so we don't know the exact details. When you translate games, you don't usually translate them in the order that the player will be reading stuff, so it's all jumbled up and details get fuzzy. We're told there's a part of the process called "quality assurance", but we've never experienced it, which is part of why we're never exactly sure whether or not we've actually translated a game. We're still not sure on Type-0.)

The traps are creative but some of them are really violent...and some of them are really cartoony. It's pretty strange. From what I know about the game, it took a lot of creativity to come up with all the traps, and it probably takes some ingenuity to complete all the missions, so in that respect the game is pretty fascinating. And maybe this is a spoiler, but at the end, they decide that it's a better idea to not to destroy the world or be obsessed with revenge, so it's not a completely depraved game, we think.

The translation experience was a little different. There's not a whole lot of text in the game, and they handed us a bunch of files and we divvied them up between us for translation. So Athena ended up translating all the dialogue while I translated the character descriptions (there were almost more of those than there was dialogue--the dialogue was mostly what someone says right before you try to trap them and what they say when they die). So if you want to get an idea of the difference between our writing styles, you can play this game! That also means that I know more about the characters (there's, like, over a hundred of them), but Athena has a better idea of what actually happened in the game.

Oh, and the character descriptions! Most of the characters only show up long enough for you to trap them, but they have such intricate backstories. Like, there was one guy who got hit by lightning and had a near death experience, so he learned to use lightning magic in an attempt to give someone else the same experience so he would have someone to talk to about it. There's definitely a lot of creativity in this game.

And that being the case...I think that's about all we have to say. The idea of the game is interesting, but the themes seem pretty dark, so we probably won't play it.

Today I'm thankful for getting to see the Smooze on My Little Pony, getting to start the next level of True Beginner today (we're excited and scared!), making good progress on work today, getting introduced to an interesting new game series, and getting to listen to Host Club CDs.