August 9th, 2015


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It's time for another Anime Expo photo post! This is actually the last batch of pictures, so it will also be the last Anime Expo photo post for 2015. There are a couple of pictures we didn't post, though, like we took a picture of the display at the Koei-Tecmo booth, because they were advertising a game that we think we translated. (Why am I not sure? I'm not sure. I guess we're still not sure the whole "video game translation" thing isn't a dream. And this particular game came out so fast after we supposedly translated it that it's extremely difficult for us to believe.) That game...probably needs a whole post to itself.

Anyway, here it is! Collapse )

Today I'm thankful for all the great cosplay we saw at Anime Expo, getting to listen to our Wagakki Disney CD, having what felt like a somewhat productive choir practice, having plans to watch more My Little Pony tonight, and still having ice cream.