August 8th, 2015


Trying out anime

Today I had a bit of a headache, so instead of going grocery shopping right after lunch like we usually do, I took an ibuprofen and we decided to watch one episode of anime to give it time to kick in. We're kind of in a, "Let's encourage Netflix to get more good anime!" mood, so Netflix was our streamer of choice today. So we browsed through their anime selection (or what they showed us of it; we're really not convinced they give us the whole list of anime), and we came to Deadman Wonderland. It's one we'd heard of, and I think the manga artist for one of the Persona Q mangas we translate is somehow involved with it, so we figured what the heck.

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Anyway, it looks like we're going to have to actually start rating the stuff we watch on Netflix if we want them to show us more of it. We like to leave things unrated, because then we can see how everybody else is rating it and how it changes as more people watch and rate. I suppose it's a small price to pay for getting more good anime on Netflix.

Today I'm thankful for our favorite brand of pizza being on sale today (well, our second favorite; they don't carry cheese Freschetta anymore), Ben & Jerry's ice cream also being on sale, being almost done with all our chores, the weather being a little cool these last couple of days, and Page spending time with us.