August 7th, 2015



Another day, another book to translate. Today we started on My Little Monster 11! And as usual, we love the story, but it really makes us crave sugar. In this installment, the craving is for milkshakes! Of course, Athena's been thinking about milkshakes ever since we decided to take a day off and go to Disneyland as soon as our passes are no longer blocked out, so that didn't help.

I may or may not have mentioned it before, but there's a Ghirardelli ice cream shop in California Adventure with ridiculously overpriced ice cream treats. They may be ridiculously overpriced, but their milkshakes are really, really good. Enough to make us want to buy them despite the extortion! They'll never lower their prices at this rate.

But anyway, we always get the chocolate ones. One time we tried a "Quake Shake" which is a milkshake with a Ghirardelli chocolate bar ground up inside it. We decided those aren't very good, because the chocolate wasn't made for ice cream, so it just gets cold and loses all its flavor. Some people like frozen chocolate, but to us, it just tastes like flavorless plastic. Put it in a blender and add it to a milkshake, and you get a pointlessly grainy milkshake. We won't be making that mistake again.

But we will! be making the mistake of buying a flavor other than chocolate. We were thinking about it today, while My Little Monster was making us want milkshakes (they weren't drinking milkshakes; there was a frappuccino), and we thought, "You know, the Ghirardelli chocolate milkshakes are ridiculously good. I wonder what the other flavors taste like..." And we figured that the vanilla ones will taste like vanilla milkshakes, and so what? But then we kept thinking about it and thought, "But what if it's ridiculously good vanilla?"

So now we've walked ourselves into this trap of suddenly needing to try the other milkshake flavors (strawberry and vanilla, unless they've updated the menu), but they are (as previously stated) ridiculously overpriced, and we can't justify buying four overpriced milkshakes that we might not (probably won't) even like as much as the chocolate ones (one of each flavor for each of us)! And then, Athena came up with the brilliant solution of having us each buy one flavor, and then we can share.

...Yup, we went to college.

Today I'm thankful for the delicious scent of our lime & basil soap (citrus is the smell of happiness), brilliant plans to try new ridiculously overpriced milkshakes, getting to have pizza for dinner tonight, getting to work on My Little Monster, and Page working up the courage to hang out with us a little bit more while we worked out today.