August 5th, 2015


First Love Monster, volume 1

First, I want to mention the call for translators again. Yesterday it was kind of jumbled up in fangirl delight, so I was afraid maybe it got missed, and now I'm mentioning it again all by itself. For those of you who missed it, one of our publishers is looking for more translators, so if you or anyone you know is interested, let us know and we'll get the relevant information to you. We're willing to give the information to people to pass on to their friends, but not until after we get a confirmation that the information is desired.

Now moving on. It's Wednesday, and that means reviews! Or as we like to call it, Review Rednesdays!

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Anyway, this week, we have the first volume of First Love Monster. We had a hard time with this title--by which I mean we had a hard time with the title of the series, because it's so close to My Little Monster that it was hard not to get them mixed up sometimes, even though the two series are both very...pretty different. And now we're also translating My Monster Secret, so now we need, like, a First Secret Love or something to complete the circle.

But here's the review. Spoiler alert level: mild.

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Today I'm thankful for our editor getting back to us quickly about the L/R issue, making good enough progress on work today to justify stopping early, having a snazzy new name for when we post reviews (still a toss-up between our two favorites), getting to play Ace Attorney last night, and clever ways to reuse hot cocoa tins.