July 26th, 2015


More from Anime Expo

Well, it's Sunday, and for some reason I have decided that Sunday is the day for posting Anime Expo pics. Maybe because that's the day I can put in the Tokyo DisneySea Music Album without having to worry about how long it is.

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And that concludes another batch of Anime Expo pictures. We commented recently to a friend that there's nothing to make you feel inadequate as a cosplayer like a trip to Anime Expo, and the friend defiantly suggested that that's just because they all buy their costumes. (Said friend has never been to Anime Expo.) We were indignant enough that we considered taking the matter up at Facebook and having all our cosplayer friends let that friend know what's what, but we're just not that motivated. Anyway, I think a good deal of these costumes were made by the wearers, or at least close friends of theirs.

Today I'm thankful for all the Type-0 cosplayers, getting to listen to Compass of Your Heart again (it simultaneous makes us feel like we must go to Japan, but are afraid to do so), getting a ride home from church today after sending our original ride home because we had choir practice and he didn't, adorable Barakamon cosplayers, and getting to take home some lemon cake thingies from Bread Day.