June 30th, 2015


Oooh, freak out!

Well, today turned out to be just a bit busier than expected. Work things keep popping up, and it's the worst timing for it. But it wasn't just work things, because, despite our failure to get together any kind of Hiyori costumes, our trip to Anime Expo will not be devoid of costumes. Although I think most of our costumes will be more like bounding than cosplay. (I wonder how it got to be called bounding. For anyone who doesn't know, that's when you get clothes that resemble a character without being a costume. For example, wearing a blue top, yellow skirt, and red accessories to "bound" Disney's Snow White.)

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In the meantime, we've been watching Freakazoid! again. It all started several weeks ago when we discovered that someone in our ward has a relative named Dexter Douglas. Of course we wanted to find our DVDs immediately and loan them to this person, because they had never even heard of Freakazoid!, and we had to let them know the connection. But we looked for the DVDs and couldn't find them.

Fast forward to two days ago, and we were thinking about it again, partially because of Danny Phantom (more on that later). So we decided to look even harder! And I checked the shelf where I thought I thought they were last time we looked for the DVDs, and there they were! Which really makes us wonder why we didn't find them sooner. My current theory is that, had we found the DVDs sooner, we would have lent them out and possibly never seen or heard from them again.

But now we've been watching Danny Phantom, and Danny is voiced by the same actor who played Dexter Douglas. So now we feel the need to watch the DVDs again, which we wouldn't have done if we weren't so into Danny Phantom right now. Tadah!

But I have to say, this Freakazoid! show is bizarre. I mean, we've seen it before, so we knew it was kind of out there, but we always forget how far out there it is. (This is really brought into relief when you watch it with the goal of later showing it to someone else, whose tastes you don't really know. Will it freak them out? It's pretty weird.) But it's great, because Freakazoid's main super power is driving the villains crazy with his weirdness, and boy of boy did the writers commit to that. These days, I feel like writers will say a character's weird, and make them kind of weird, but they're afraid to go over the top, so they pull it back some. With Freakazoid, the writers had no such hesitation, and I have to admire that kind of commitment.

Today I'm thankful for being motivated to watch our Freakazoid! DVDs before loaning them out perhaps never to be seen again, Grizzly's vest getting here before Anime Expo, David Kaufman characters, winning the mystery hostess drawing from the Jamberry party we just participated in, and the level of commitment demonstrated by the Freakazoid! writers.