June 29th, 2015


Thomasina and Page

I think I accidentally did a very cruel thing to Page this morning. She hopped onto the laptop as she tends to do, only now we have a Digibird sitting on the shelf right next to it. She had to inspect, so Athena showed her how it chirps. Digibirds are pretty neat little toys that will chirp when you blow on their chest sensor, and sing when you blow a special whistle at them. Despite the fact that it was ages before Page stopped running away when we started singing (I don't think we sound that bad!), I thought she might like to hear the Digibird sing, so I got the whistle and tried to blow it at the Digibird...only I ended up blowing it right in her ear and freaking her out.

She ran over to the other side of the desk where I got to put my arm over her while I typed for a while, and would occasionally move as if she wanted to check out the laptop area again but was afraid to. We aren't sure if she was afraid we'd whistle at her again, or if she was afraid the bird was doing it unpredictably. At any rate, she did overcome her fear just long enough to defiantly sit on the laptop for a few minutes, and then she ran off and got comfortable in the bedroom.

But speaking of cats, we watched The Three Lives of Thomasina last night! If we had known it took place in Scotland, we might have watched it sooner, because we love Scottish accents. But anyway, we loved it! It was lovely. Collapse )

Today I'm thankful for getting to see The Three Lives of Thomasina, movies that aren't afraid to make people feel good, getting Danny Phantom in the mail (after I posted about it the other day, I thought, "But what if they take it off of Hulu!?" and immediately went over to Amazon and ordered the complete series, and it arrived today!), having a lovely trio of Digibirds (one sings melody, one sings harmony, and one chirps the parts), and getting a lovely sheet of Jamberries that we won in bingo.