June 27th, 2015


Cosplay quest

Today has been a very busy day. We got up early to help clean the church, and then we bought groceries, and then! we decided we did want to see if we could find some good Hiyori clothes, so we embarked on our semiannual trip to Target. (We made another trip around this time a year ago, and another one around Christmas!)

I think the trip was pretty fruitful...but none of that fruit involved Hiyori cosplay. They just didn't have any skirts that we thought looked Hiyori-ish. Maybe they did, but we have so little confidence when it comes to fashion. It was bad. We decided to come home and check the internet, where we continued to be wishy-washy about it, and then we got desperate and checked Amazon for Hiyori costumes. There was one that looks really good, but the thought of buying it seemed to go against all my standards as a cosplayer. I can make a sailor suit! I just don't have time to. That's what we get for not planning this sooner. On the other hand, we didn't have a whole heck of a lot of free time sooner, either.

And even as I type this, I keep switching to other internet tabs to see if maybe I can see a reasonable facsimile of Hiyori's coat that we can afford to by two of. I do like that style of coat. But of course all the good ones are a bit pricey. Hrrrrm...

Anyway. In happier news, we did get some neat stuff! We got another Hexbug for Page. That was her favorite toy until it decided to live under the oven, so we insisted on getting her a new one! But they don't market them to cats anymore, so we thought it was another "check the internet" cause, but then we found ourselves in the toy section, and there they were! Of course there they were, Hexbugs were always marketed as human toys. And, because it was on clearance, we got a set of Digibirds, that apparently sing solo or as a choir! We have yet to try them because we wiped ourselves out with all the walking and window washing we did this morning.

And best of all! we went to the macaron store. They don't call it that. It's called...something with dessert in it? And I think it mostly bills itself as a self-serve frozen yogurt place, but we saw in the window they had macarons, and we were determined to buy some! And boy are they fancy! We got three flavors to try: rose, because we always liked the scent of roses and the idea of rose as a flavor has always intrigued us; special 4th of July edition PB&J, because we love America; and praline, just because, I guess. We like pralines in ice cream, and Athena wanted to try something fancy but not too fancy (like honey lavender; I don't even like lavender as a scent, but the idea of honey lavender macarons sounds fancy...which really should make it sound nasty, now that I think of it, and yet it somehow sounds appealing; maybe it's the honey), and I was just copying her.

Then! while we were waiting to pay for our cookies, we stood by a cooler with what appeared to be house-made frozen delights, including ice cream bars. And one of them was a sea salt dark chocolate frozen dairy bar. And we were like, "They. have sea salt ice cream." And it's in bar form and everything, just like in Kingdom Hearts! ...But it's chocolate and not blue. So we have mixed feelings about it. But mainly our feeling is if we were social people, we would try to make friends with the owners of this place and convince them to make blue sea salt ice cream bars, so we could eat them in our Kingdom Hearts costumes. Maybe someday... Just like maybe someday (like Monday, hopefully) we'll somehow get somewhere that will make it possible for us to somehow construct Hiyori costumes. Maybe someday...

Today I'm thankful for getting to go on an adventure, finding some neat stuff to buy, discovering a place with lots of fancy macarons, finally replacing Page's favorite toy, and our Shion costume coming in the mail (we're okay with buying that one, because it was really just buying real clothes).