June 26th, 2015


Bittersweet TV viewing

Oh man, today was a lot more eventful than expected, so I'm having a hard time focusing. A friend's dog got out last night and was taken to the pound, and she needed help paying to get her out, poor girl. And there...was something that might be considered a spoiler for Say I Love You, so I'm not going to say it, but I will say that it was referred to in the interview that should have been printed in volume one, so if you have that and you're curious, you can read the interview and have some idea what I'm talking about.

We also got our Fight the New Drug bracelets! Anime Expo seems to be having a hentai theme this year, and we are less than excited about it. So as a very tiny protest, we'll be wearing Fight the New Drug bracelets. You can find out more about that campaign here.

But most importantly, we were watching Danny Phantom last night, and when the episode ended, Hulu told us the title of the next one: Phantom Planet. We recognized that title as being the title of the very last episode of the series! So we watched it! It was kind of bittersweet, and we did have a debate about it: should we really watch it now? if we watch it now, there will be no more Danny Phantom to watch. but it's always nice to end a series with a nice big chunk all at once, right? but still... I know! We'll watch it tonight...and again tomorrow!

We're still undecided if we're really going to watch it again tonight, but we're definitely going to keep Danny Phantom on the list of shows to watch when we need a pick-me-up.

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Today I'm thankful for our friend's dog getting out of the pound, getting our Fight the New Drug bracelets, getting our Jamberry order, getting to see all the Danny Phantom that Nickelodeon refused to show us back in 2006, and getting to watch the show again whenever we want as long as it's still on Hulu.