June 25th, 2015


Yato is a bad influence

Today we did a maybe somewhat irresponsible thing and worked on Noragami. Normally, that wouldn't be a problem, because the next Noragami is due sooner than we expected, but it's still not due as soon as the next Say I Love You...which we're scheduled to turn in the day after Anime Expo! Woohoo! That wouldn't be a problem either, because it's more than a week away, except that we will be at Anime Expo for a significant portion of that week.

And yet we chose to work on Noragami anyway. Why? Well, a few reasons. Two days ago, we got ourselves all excited about Noragami by writing about it here. Yesterday, we got a package containing more Noragami books to translate. A week and a half ago, we got the Noragami soundtrack with that Amazon order we made. And finally, there's only a week before Anime Expo and we were really hoping we could see Hiyori wearing some spring clothes that aren't a school uniform.

For those who weren't around or don't remember from last year, we had a fun idea to cosplay Hiyori and Hiyori's spirit. The idea failed when we realized we didn't really know how Hiyori would dress. And then we couldn't find our cat tails from our Siamese cat costumes. But this year, thanks to last Halloween, we know where the cat tails are! And so, if we can find suitable reference, we thought maybe we'd walk all the way to Target and see if we could put together a reasonable facsimile of Hiyori fashion.

Fortunately, this volume of Noragami was very accommodating, and we were able to find good reference within the first chapter! Woohoo! This is especially good because we only got halfway through the volume and we really should work on Say I Love You tomorrow. (We had to work on UQ Holder! today or we would have gotten farther. Maybe we would have finished! ...a very flawed and in-need-of-help first draft. Did I mention Noragami is hard?)

As it turns out, we weren't too far off when we considered buying a certain striped shirt last year (the outfit she wore included a striped top!), but, as we should have known from a rich girl whose mother wants her to be a lady, she tends to dress on the feminine side, so we should go with a skirt instead. And now we are armed with knowledge! So we'll see how non-lazy we are about going to the store. We are tired and busy. It would be a super fun idea, though.

Anyway, the Noragami soundtrack is cool. It has some really neat Japanese-style tracks! But it's also not exactly happy (which is not to say the series is all dark and gloomy, just that I think that particular composer isn't cheery), so we had to listen to Kamigami no Asobi to cheer things up a bit.

Today I'm thankful for getting to have a fun day working on Noragami (and UQ Holder!), our Jamberry consultant tracking down some wraps that have actual forget-me-nots on them (as opposed to the Forget-Me-Not wrap they always sell which has blue roses on it; I wonder if someone was influenced a little too deeply by the Blue Rose of Forgetfulness episode of the Aladdin animated series), having an idea of what kind of clothes to buy for Hiyori cosplay, having some sea-salt caramel cookies to try, and getting to listen to our Noragami soundtrack.