June 21st, 2015


Yet more tales from the Primary

Well, it's official. Rose has moved out of our ward, and so a new Primary chorister was required. As we suspected, Athena has been called to fill that vacancy. Primary chorister is a job that requires coming up with fun ways to teach kids songs. This is a difficult concept for us, because for one thing, doesn't everybody already know the songs by now? And for another thing, we're boring adults and think that new songs are fun in and of themselves, so why do we have to come up with a game to teach them? Or maybe it just seems more daunting because we never were very good at coming up with games. Fortunately, we are aware of plenty of resources, but we still think Rose kind of owes us for this for moving in the first place.

In the meantime, when Athena was sustained in sacrament meeting, the ward music director (who sits with me on the stand so she can lead the music while I play the organ) asked me, "Is she going to get released from something?" (since she's already a Primary teacher and the ward choir director). I said, "Probably not," to which the music director replied sincerely, "Poor baby." When the bishopric counselor extended the call to Athena, in an effort to soften the blow, he showed her a list of the callings held by one particular member of the ward--he has like six or seven. And so, to all the people who are frustrated with the lack of responsibility they're given in their ward, our advice is to move to a small ward. You'll get all the responsibility you will ever want in your life and then some.

But in cuter news, today Athena's class had some visitors, one of whom randomly blurted out, "I bet I'm the only one here who knows Pokemon." Please, little boy. We were Pokemon experts before you were born. (And then we stopped being Pokemon experts because we had "college" and a "job" and eight million other video games to play.) Athena responded, "What was that? Prepare for trouble?" She was a little afraid that that particular Pokemon reference might be a little old school, but thanks to Netflix, all the kids in her class (well, two out of three of them) were able to (sort of) recite the whole Team Rocket motto together. Yay!

(And in "making us all feel old" news, Athena just realized that we've had the Team Rocket motto memorized for twice as long as the older of those kids have been alive.)

In my class, I let the kids draw on the chalkboard while I got something ready, and the visitor to my class very adorably decided to draw the temple, complete with the angel Moroni on the spire! And then he decided to make it a haunted house temple. So he drew a window with a person looking out of it. Then he and the other boy started drawing more spooks, so I asked if any of them had heard of Danny Phantom and they hadn't. But later one of the kids made a reference to Fairly Odd Parents (which is by the same creator), so maybe I could introduce it to him...

And then when the card came for everyone to sign for Rose (since she's leaving and all), one boy decided to draw a haunted house for her (since the kids in my class are only just learning to write, I have them draw pictures when card signing events happen). I captioned the drawing so Rose would know what it is, and when her daughter gave her the card later, I overheard her say, "How did he know Halloween is my favorite?" So it all worked out in the end.

Today I'm thankful for knowing we're needed, being invited to go to a dead sea scrolls exhibit, Team Rocket, having lovely conversations with our parents, and designing a pretty good poster for our Relief Society activity.