June 18th, 2015


Share goodness

I'm at a bit of a loss today. My original plan was to vent more frustration over this translation format (I accidentally created (and instantly deleted) at least four new files today) and then talk about UQ Holder! (some readers are calling continuity foul and we disagree), but then there was the bad news out of Charleston and it got me thinking. But my thoughts are still kind of tangled up, so I can't explain them very well.

The one thing I feel like I can explain is that one of my conclusions is that we need to share more goodness. It's important to speak out when bad things are going on, but it's just as important to reinforce in people's minds the idea that good things are going on, too.

So I wanted to tell a nice story about people being good people, but I couldn't think of any. And not because I don't ever see any good people, just because we live in a cave and rarely see any people. When we do see people, it's usually kind of a routine thing, so it's hard to think of any one thing someone did that stood out as being good. But most of the people we deal with are very friendly, so that's something.

Oh wait, maybe here's one! When we went to the store yesterday, there were a couple of people there asking for people to support Help Me See. That's an organization that's dedicated to preventing blindness in developing countries. Children are born with cataracts, and if they don't operate in time, the children will be blind for life. But! this organization is providing medical supplies and training to local people so not only will they be saving the children from blindness, but they'll also be giving the people in those locations a marketable skill.

So that's one thing that people are doing to do good in the world.

Today I'm thankful for the Humans of New York Facebook page (I think it's one of the best places for learning that there are all kinds of good people out there), still having a Reese's cake to look forward to (slight problem with it: we're afraid of eating it because then it will be gone, but if we never eat it, it will be the same as if we never had one to begin with), getting to work on a fun chapter of UQ Holder! today, getting to see a super cute picture of Logan today, and mint Milanos.