June 7th, 2015


The Prestige

Well, I think I'm going to get over it, but right now I'm afraid I'll never get enough sleep again. The choir has decided that yes, they would rather meet before church after all. Inwardly, Athena and I both screamed, "Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!" Okay, maybe Athena didn't. She says she's just resigned to most things involving the choir.

And actually, the thing that upsets me the most has nothing to do with losing our chance to sleep in a little on Sundays. The other day, someone posted on Facebook a thing about male privilege in the LDS church, and of course I will be the first to admit that there are some jerky men in the church. But the article was basically a list of their privileges, and most of the list seemed to be different ways of wording "women will never get prestigious callings." (Although, full disclosure, we did stop reading the list because it was so repetitive; maybe it got less repetitive further along.)

But here's the thing about it: leadership callings are not fun. If there's any "prestige" that comes with them, it's not because of how people view the calling, and not because of anything the calling entails. And here's the thing: Athena is technically in a leadership calling as the choir director. You may think that doesn't count because it's only over the choir, but the bishop is in the choir, and when it comes to choir things, Athena's vote is the one that counts more. But that leadership doesn't mean that whatever she says goes, period. That would be a terrible way to run a choir. If we want a good choir, we need to rehearse, and Athena can't just snap her fingers and everybody knows their part. So we have to work with people and make sacrifices in order to get things done well.

In short, if church leaders are doing their job right, they're probably working harder and making more sacrifices than anyone else. The most important person is the one who cares more about getting things done and helping people than about prestige.

And maybe that connection was a stretch (with the prestigious callings and the choir directors), but it's something that was on my mind and the imminent lack of sleep is putting me in a ranting mood. But! there's a very high probability of us getting to take some time off work to just relax this week, and we're very excited about that. Hopefully we'll be nice and fully charged afterwards so it will be okay to go to church early every week.

Anyway, on a cuter note. Yesterday one of the boys in Athena's Primary class got baptized and we went to help with the music. We got a ride with the family we usually get church-related rides from, and on the way home we started talking about Facebook arguments for some reason. We talked about how each side of a political issue has their talking points, and both sides will constantly shout their talking points while never addressing the other side's talking points and it accomplishes approximately nothing. As an example, I brought up the scene in Frozen where Anna "talks" to Elsa at Elsa's ice castle, and how it's really just the two of them singing over each other and not trying to address any of the other's concerns. And that turned into a discussion of why we don't like Frozen as a movie, with the older girls trying to convince us otherwise ("It won an Oscar for Let It Go!"). There was at least a half-hearted attempt on our side to say the dislike was our own personal opinion and we know lots of people who like it and we don't think any less of them, but I don't think we succeeded. This is a bad habit.

But anyway, fast forward to today in Athena's Primary class. The lesson was on prayer, and part of the discussion was what can we thank Heavenly Father. There was a visitor in the class, who was happy to suggest things: we can be thankful for Disneyland, and the characters, and Mickey Mouse, and Frozen! To which the youngest of the girls who was in the car during our Frozen discussion emphatically responded, "Frozen is bad."

...I'm afraid our influence on these children may not be an entirely good one. On the other hand, we agree with the statement, so... *shrug*

Today I'm thankful for certain grumpy members of the choir letting us know that they're not grumpy at us just in general, scoring plenty of chocolate cake at Bread Day, Haagen Dazs ice cream being on sale yesterday (we got some tres leches brigadeiros ice cream! brigadeiros!), getting to watch the end of Mako Mermaids last night, and Danny Phantom.