June 3rd, 2015


My Little Monster volume 8

Not a whole lot of time before we want to leave for Wednesdays with Walt, but we do have a review to post today! This time, for My Little Monster 8. Spoiler threat level: High.

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Today I'm thankful for having a review to post, making really good progress on work today (almost enough to completely make up for not getting any of our previously scheduled work done yesterday), having friends who know how to make saving seats less trying (I can't believe I forgot to be thankful for that yesterday), getting to watch The Ultimate Enemy very soon (don't know exactly when, but very soon), and the ward phone caller (it's her job to call and make sure people in the ward know what stuff is going on, and she calls the people in charge of stuff (like the choir director) to confirm that stuff is or is not going on).