May 11th, 2015


Stickers on my fingers

I feel like our life is a constant series of "Okay, I just managed to work it all out so we have time for everything," followed by, "Can you just squeeze this in, too?" Don't get me wrong--we're excited to work on the next chapter of UQ Holder!; the story's getting really interesting. But we're so panicked about time lately, that we worked overtime today to make sure we could finish everything. I think we're doing okay, but we will be very happy when our schedule opens up a little. That should happen sometime around late June, when certain Disneyland annual passport levels are blocked out.

In the meantime, this really is a pretty great volume of My Little Monster.

Also, we finally got around to using the Jamberries we ordered back in, like, February or something. We've never been the types to wear nail polish (except for the peel-off kind you get in elementary school; that stuff's pretty awesome), so I think the unusualness of it all made it seem like a lot more pressure than it really was. Now that I've done it, I still have to ease the pressure by referring to the nail wraps as stickers on my fingers. It sounds a lot less elegant that way, but it helps me a lot. It's like in all the shojo manga, where you have a heroine who's not used to doing girly things, and then they dress her up and do her hair, and she's like, "It's not weird, is it?" It's just like that!

Anyway, Collapse )

Today I'm thankful for finally trying stickers on my fingers, also finally getting to eat The Tonight Dough ice cream (which is amazingly delicious), being done with work for the day, remembering to put all the new Say I Love You deadlines on our calendar, and shipping our 3D puzzles.