April 26th, 2015


Music transcends words?

Maybe it wasn't the best idea to turn on our Koe no Ouji-sama playlist, because it means we're going to spend a lot of time singing instead of typing, and we have plenty of things to type. First, we're typing up this LiveJournal post, and then we have two manga reviews we want to type. We think that doesn't count as work, because we do it for fun, so it should be okay to do it on a Sunday. But anyway, all the work we've had lately has made it extremely difficult to find time (or remember) to write reviews, so now we have a Noragami review and a Your Lie in April review to write.

But anyway, I'm updating LJ right now. We thought we'd try a bit of an experiment. See, in Your Lie in April, Kaori quotes famous people all the time. It's ridiculous. And it can be frustrating when we're trying to track down the quote (translating a translation isn't usually good for accuracy). I think it was volume two that had us trying to track down a Mozart quote that we ultimately decided was either not very famous in English-speaking circles, or taken out of context or translated strangely for Japanese-speaking circles. Nevertheless, we try to track down the quotes anyway.

In volume three, there was a quote about how music transcends words. The quote was unattributed, and since most of the quotes in the series are properly attributed, there's a good chance this is a series original. Nevertheless, we Googled it anyway, because this time the quote was said to Tsubaki, who wouldn't be able to guess which musician said it to begin with. It was attributed to a famous violinist, which might just mean that Kaori was referring to herself, but the point is we Googled it, and we mostly only got Your Lie in April references.

But! when we Googled just the part about music transcending words, we also got a link to a commercial that apparently went viral in Japan. We did briefly consider the possibility that it was the commercial that inspired the quote, but the commercial actually came along after that chapter of the manga was first published. Anyway, it was a really good commercial, so I was like, "Everybody has to see this! We should share it!" And then I thought, "Oh, no. It's in Japanese without subtitles. Nobody will understand it--it will have no impact!" But then I thought!, "Wait! The point is that music transcends words! Let's see if that's true!"

So here's our experiment. I'm going to post a link to that commercial right here, and you can go watch it (it's about three and a half minutes long) and see if you really suffered from lack of Japanese knowledge. Let us know the results!

Today I'm thankful for nice Japanese commercials, having the Primary sing to us today (then after they sang, the chorister asked if any of the kids could say both our names and the precocious six-year-old said, "Sister Nibley and Sister Nibley!" XD), the delicious black & white cookies we got at the store yesterday (they're gone now), "The Dream Goes On" coming up on our playlist, and the day of rest.