April 18th, 2015



Wow, we go away for a few days and LiveJournal introduces a whole new feature that has me all confused. "Related Entries" seems like a neat idea, but I don't know how it works and there is no way I could muster the energy to figure it out right now. Besides, I'm not sure if it would be annoying. But it would be cool if, for example, I posted a review of a manga we translated, and then underneath it showed previews of other reviews or something. Oh well. I'm rambling because I'm tired.

Here's what happened. We had plans to spend all day with Mom on Thursday. These plans had been in place for at least two weeks, so they had every right to be there. Unfortunately, we had made the mistake of accepting more work when we didn't quite have enough time to do said work. So we have a Noragami deadline on Monday, with an estimated two full workdays needed to finish it, and a video game project due soon, after Noragami but with people checking up on our progress. And when people are checking up on our progress, we feel the need to make sure there's progress to be checked up on, so we wanted to make sure to work on that, too.

Of course, we would probably also have to make time to work on a chapter each of UQ Holder! and Persona Q, but we had hope that maybe there wouldn't be a UQ Holder! this week, and maybe we wouldn't have to work on Persona Q until next week. But anyway, when we finished work on Wednesday, we had reached a point where we felt confident that we could finish Noragami and make good enough progress on the video game that we didn't feel like failures, even taking Thursday off to hang out with Mom, and still have time to sleep, just as long as we didn't have UQ Holder! or Persona Q to deal with.

And then Gaston called. He has a friend who went to Disneyland yesterday, and he wanted to make sure to be there, too. And when we have people crashing at our apartment so they can go to Disneyland, we want to make sure to be there, too. So he wanted to come down Thursday afternoon, which was especially tricky, because Mom was planning on staying here Thursday night as well, and we only have one parking spot, and Mom is an introvert and doesn't know Gaston very well, and she ended up leaving early. But the point is, instead of taking one day off, we took two. We didn't have to take the second one off, but Gaston had told us he was going to leave the park early and go hang out with his brother, so we figured we'd still have time to get some work done.

So we got home from hanging out with Mom, and got an email about UQ Holder!. There goes any idea of making progress on Noragami Thursday evening. That's okay, we should have time to work on it after Disneyland...nope, time for Persona Q. And so, even though the original plan was to spend today playing video games or something, then Plan B was to spend a little bit of time finishing up the last chapter of Noragami, we had to go to Plan C, which was to work for three hours on Noragami, thus getting to a point where we could probably finish it early enough on Monday that we can make a dent in the video game project, and if we're really lucky, get started on our next rush project (that we also heard about on Thursday).

So all in all, you could say we did it to ourselves by being pushovers, or by not saying, "You know what, you go on to Disneyland without us," but the result remains the same. We are exhausted and braindead, and we really hope that Your Lie in April and our rush project (which we have talked about before, but the nature of it makes us feel like it's too early to talk about it, even though it's a volume two) and the video game project don't kill us next week.

Maybe when we've recharged a little, I can talk about some of the neat things we did.

Today I'm thankful for the day of rest, having our apartment to ourselves again, having less than a chapter left to edit in Noragami, having a lovely time with Mom on Thursday, and having a fun time at Disneyland on Friday.