April 11th, 2015


The still continuing saga

When we last left our heroes in the continuing saga of Persona Q: Shadow of the Where's My Stuff?, they were waiting to see if maybe the package carriers were holding on to the video games they ordered for efficiency's sake, and that they (the games) would show up with the other package they ordered, the 3DS on which to play them. They were busy(?) watching an episode of anime when a knock came at the door. It was a package! ...One single, lonely package. On the bright side, it was a very shiny Persona Q edition 3DS, which is now fully charged and ready for whatever games may (or may not...) come its way!

Well, now that we only had one package, it was time to call Amazon and see if they could get to the bottom of the situation. Maybe they could and maybe they couldn't, but instead of investigating, the person I talked to went ahead and ordered replacement video games, including expedited shipping at no extra cost! The games are scheduled to arrive today before 9pm, and we are now just waiting, and hoping for them to come with enough time to get some good playing out of one of them before we have to go to bed. With our busy schedule, we can't be sure if we'll have time to play video games again at all in the foreseeable future, so we want to play now when we have the chance!

In the meantime, our (former?) home teacher found a fancy ramen book that's all in Japanese and he has asked us to translate it (or at least parts of it) for him. He's even willing to pay for it, which is very nice of him and normally wouldn't be necessary. The reason it's sort of necessary right now is that he seems pretty eager to get the translation, and we have been swamped. When he gave us the book, we said we were booked solid for the next three weeks at least, and he said there's no rush. And we were like, "If there's no rush, why are you sending us home with the book right now?"

So now we've had the book in our possession for three weeks, and our schedule finally slowed down! And looks like it's going to pick right back up again. Maybe we shouldn't have accepted that video game project after all, since Home Teacher got to us first. Well, I guess we're just going to have to turn our schedule into something like Tetris. Or maybe give up on sleep, but that sounds like a really bad idea. And I thought, "Well, we have some time while we're waiting for these games to show up!" but I am so not interested in translating anything right now. We finally managed to stop burning out over the last week, now we need to work on recharging. Hopefully today and tomorrow will be enough to do that, because that's all we have!

But in happier news, we stayed up late last night watching Kingdom Hearts re:coded, and it was lovely. Although even then, we were nitpicking translations. We were playing the Japanese version of the game, but it centers around messages written in Jiminy's journal, and I guess since Jiminy's native language is English (you'd think it would be Italian, but), the game developers decided that all the messages would be in English, too. On the other hand, Jiminy didn't write those messages... Hrm. Anyway, the messages are in English, but with the characters reading them out loud in Japanese. And we were nitpicky about them. Creative differences will always be a thing.

Today I'm thankful for helpful Amazon support people, getting our laundry done, getting our other chores done, shiny Persona Q edition 3DSes, and opportunities to help friends (eventually).