April 8th, 2015



Today is the day our editor on Say I Love You reminded us that that's a thing. And to think, just a couple of days ago, our schedule for May was wide open. But on the bright side! we started Noragami 6 today, which was great because we were especially eager to find out what happens next. It was extra great because we finished the whole first draft! But it's a little scary, because less than ten pages in, we could already tell there were going to be Notes.

Speaking of Noragami, one review we read of volume one seemed to dismiss the series as a copy of Rin-ne, so we were happy to hear that Rin-ne was going to be animated--that meant there was a chance we'd get to check it out without having to spend extra money by buying the manga or something. (Not that we don't want to spend money on manga, but that we don't have a whole lot of money to spare...after we spend it all on video games.) Then we heard that Crunchyroll would be streaming it, and we had some extra time today, so we watched it!

Our goal was to prove to ourselves, once again, that people just lump things together in categories and don't bother to see the differences, and that Noragami and Rin-ne are waaaay different if you're paying any attention. Collapse )

We also watched the first episode of Food Wars, which...it seems like somebody took the term "food porn" waaaaaay too seriously. Like to a disturbing level. We almost stopped watching it because of that. But the characters and premise are interesting, so we're going to give it another chance.

We want to watch all the new anime! But we also want to play video games. And the work just keep coming... It's enough to make us say, "Forget it!" and take Friday off, but we're taking a day off next week for Mom to visit, and we suspect another day will end up being taken off as well, so we want to be prepared just in case. At least Noragami is already ahead of schedule!

Today I'm thankful for getting to work on Noragami, being ahead of schedule on Noragami, getting to see some new anime, claims that our new video games have been delivered (I'm going to check the mail next), and getting Tifa in Final Fantasy Record Keepers.