April 1st, 2015


A dream is a wish.

Well, normally we would be at Wednesdays with Walt right about now, but! it being spring break and all, our passes are blocked out, so we can't go to Disneyland today. We like Wednesdays with Walt, but not enough to upgrade our passes for it. I like to think that the Disney restoration team is working on restoring all the film for a Blu-ray release in the not too distant future. But this week, they're showing Dumbo, and we have Dumbo on Blu-ray anyway. If we check the extras, maybe it will also have the Walt Disney introduction, too.

We are a little sad that we don't have any reviews to post today. All the manga we translated is still incubating, I guess. What's really funny(?) about it is that we just finished writing our review for the last volume of Let's Dance a Waltz, and volume one hasn't even been released yet! We think it was originally slated to come out next week, but it's been delayed. (And we went to Amazon to check, and got hit with another April Fool's Day joke. I think this year has gotten us worse than any other year so far. Or I just forgot all the other times an April Fool's gag stressed us out.)

But anyway, since we don't have a review, I thought we'd talk about something that came across our Facebook feed...yesterday, so we're pretty sure it's not an April Fool's Day joke. Rocket News 24 is having a contest to help you have your Japan wish granted. Allow me to quote the article:

"We’re sure that many of you have dreams of visiting Japan and fulfilling long-held wishes. But perhaps you haven’t quite been able to save up the cash for a plane ticket or didn’t know anyone in Japan to help you out once you got here, so you’ve been unable to realize those dreams."

We read that and were like, "Yes! Yes, that's us exactly!" And then the next thing the article said was, "If that sounds like you, then we’d like to help!" Oh my goodness, it's a wish come true! Almost literally!

So we're thinking about entering, but we have very specific Japan wishes which also happen to terrify us, because they involve meeting people. We're so scared of people these days, it's ridiculous. On the other hand, it's not a crippling disability at this point, so maybe I should stop whining and start making sure it doesn't get to be that way. Anyway, they also want you to make a creative video, and we're like, "Hm. We're not very creative." I mean, we have creative ideas, but they usually need a jump-start from other sources, and sometimes need lots of time for development. Time that we usually prefer to spend on other things.

Anyway, it seems like mostly a passing fancy right now, and if we get serious about it, we'll get serious about it. In the meantime, we thought other people might be interested in the contest, so there it is.

Today I'm thankful for having a lovely time getting to translate Let's Dance a Waltz these last three volumes, having a bit of a free evening tonight, people who make contests to help other people make their wishes come true, Final Fantasy Record Keeper (that game is a major threat to our free time), and still getting to look forward to more Let's Dance a Waltz in the form of posting our reviews on it when the volumes go on sale.