March 30th, 2015


Here Yeller! Come back Yeller♪

I don't necessarily want to say it was a mistake, but we watched Old Yeller last night. Oh man, that movie. Collapse )

Afterward, we almost wanted to call someone and say, "We just watched Old Yeller. Please help us feel better!" But it was after nine o'clock, and we don't have friends that we feel comfortable calling after nine o'clock. So instead we watched Ouran High School Host Club, and that really helped. It's such a good show, because it takes a premise that is inherently funny, but it doesn't just lean on the automatic funniness of the premise. Aaahh, I feel better just thinking about it.

Today I'm thankful for getting to watch Old Yeller (everyone should see it...once), having happy anime to make it all better, rabies vaccines, being done with work for today, and being very close to getting white rabbit house hats in Kingdom Hearts [chi].