March 25th, 2015


Reviews: Big Hero 6, volume 1

Wow, we haven't posted on a Wednesday in ages! Turns out, shockingly, we have some extra time today. And we didn't even need it as far as posting is concerned, because! da da-da DAAAAAAHH!!! Today is the day we're going to post our first manga review!

...Okay, so it may not be our first manga review ever, but it's the first review...wait, I'm confusing myself. The review for the first book that was released since we started writing reviews right after translating said books. Yes, I think that's accurate. The first of these reviews that was ever written was for Say I Love You 8, but I guess English-translated manga has varying incubation periods. Or something.

Anyway! it's very good timing, because we just happened to get our copy of Big Hero 6 the movie today, and now the manga is out, too! So without further ado, here's our review!

Spoiler threat level: low (although there is a kind of big spoiler for the movie, but it's a spoiler we knew about before we saw the movie, so maybe most people did, too?)

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Today I'm thankful for getting our copy of Big Hero 6 the movie (we got the manga like a month ago), having some extra time with which to write a review or two (we're starting to get a backlog! yikes!), getting to translate the Big Hero 6 manga, managing to have some extra time today, and having the next volume of Kingdom Hearts II to work on soon.