March 24th, 2015


She starts getting ideas...and thinking...

Work is still kicking our butts, only today it was acting like maybe it was going to let up. We're not sure if we can trust it, so we just kept working anyway. Well, that, and progress slowed to a...not to a standstill, but to about 66% productivity, maybe.

But Things are going around the internet that I wanted to talk about. A long time ago, we saw this comic going around Facebook. It's about how Lego spent so much money marketing to girls when really all they needed to do was make more girl Lego people. It's a pretty good comic, and it makes an excellent point, and we were all, "Cool, right on," for a long time, but then we talked to some girls who actually got the girl-geared Lego playsets for Christmas and guess what! They were excited about it. And not just because they could use the pieces to ironically build warbots or something. Or at least, they didn't say anything about that, so we kind of guessed they liked the idea of building whatever the playset was designed to build.

So we've been thinking about it. Obviously, Lego was wasting their money trying to market their Legos to the type of girl portrayed in that comic. Why? Because those girls were already interested in the kinds of Lego sets that Lego was already selling. But believe it or not, there are real girls out there who are into the kinds of things that are generally considered "girly." I know it seems like a four-letter word, but believe it or not, there are five letters there.

Fortunately, thanks to an article posted by umadoshi, we're seeing that people are starting to realize that maybe it's not the greatest idea to dismiss something just because it's seen as more feminine. That article drove us a little bit bonkers, though, because the writer seems to have a difficult time embracing her own message. There was a "femininity is good! as long as it's not too feminine" vibe (or maybe we're just overly sensitive whenever someone mentions Disney princesses).

But the point is! if we really want women to be more confident and have better equality and stuff, shouldn't we not scoff at things that are quote-unquote girly?

Oh, but back to the Lego point. They spent all that money trying to expand their market to girls who maybe aren't so much into Galaxy Squad and dinosaurs and stuff. Don't girly girls have just as much right to playsets they like as geek girls?

Today I'm thankful for having leftover pizza for lunch, making fairly decent progress on work despite the slowdown, it being almost time to watch TV, Page mostly staying off the laptop when we needed it, and Duolingo letting you learn more than one language at a time.