March 21st, 2015


Still trucking.

Oh man, the work never ends! It was funny, because on Wednesday night, we were like, "This time, we really should have all day tomorrow to work on the big project, because I really can't think of anything else that might come up. Unless our boss at Yen Press has a new Kingdom Hearts for us to work on." The next day, we had an email about the next Kingdom Hearts. Ah, ha, ha...! Fortunately, it's not a rush job, so we really did have all day Thursday and yesterday to work on the big project.

Unfortunately, progress is slow, and we're really not sure how to gauge how much time we'll need...except that right now the time we'll need looks to be about just barely more than we'd need if we didn't have anything else to work on. So we instead of stopping at the end of the day and trying to figure out pacing, we just keep working and working and working until bedtime, and Page comes in and wonders why we're still at the computers and why, if we're still at the computers, we won't let her sit on them.

And in the midst of all that, the lack of adequate rest seems to have given Athena a cold. And Gaston is coming this weekend, and he knows we're busy but we just can't say no to going to Disneyland with friends. (He's spending most of the weekend watching his brother play hockey, so we can at least work during that.)

But in happier news, we decided to take the evening off last night (in an attempt to regain breath functions), and we opened the package that Manga Polo sent us! Inside was a cute little iPad Mini, and a large framed certificate commemorating our win. I don't usually care much about pieces of paper (I currently have no idea where any of our diplomas are), but I really like this one. It was written up in Japan, just for us! We're going to put it on the wall, but first we have to figure out which wall to put it on. And of course we'll post a picture.

Today I'm thankful for managing to get things done at a (hopefully) decent pace, the lovely certificate we got from Manga Polo, getting a new iPad, the new Kingdom Hearts volume not being due right away, and it being time to take a break for dinner.