March 8th, 2015


Tale from the Primary

We don't have a lot of time before we have to get ready to go to choir practice, so this week we bring you another installment of Tales from the Primary.

Today, one of the kids in Athena's class came in with the head of a Lego Stormtrooper. She said, "It's a Stormtrooper!" to which he replied, "It doesn't have a body! It's a Stormtrooper helmet." Then he started telling her all about Star Wars, in the little kid sort of way that mostly involves asking questions first: "Do you know C-3PO and R2-D2?" It was hard to follow, possibly because he isn't the most articulate kid, and possibly because all his information comes from the animated series. "You know the droids with the round head?" "C-3PO?" "No." "R2-D2?" "No. The one with the guns!" "???"

And that was all fine until another kid decided that the conversation was about Dragonball Z instead. So two kids were trying to tell her all about their favorite show, and one would be all, "No, it's like this and this and this," and the would be all, "No, it's like that and that and that," and Athena's like, "Dude, you're talking about two different things!" But she tried to bring some unity into the conversation by saying, "Well, they are kind of the same. They both have aliens." The DBZ fan didn't like this concession because apparently, "No," DBZ does not have aliens. Athena points out the Vegeta is an alien, "No, Vegeta is Goku's friend."

At one point Kamehameha got brought into the discussion, and that was the key word to remind the Star Wars fan that, oh yeah, he does know about Dragonball Z. "That's the one with the green alien guy!"

Aaaaand scene. We hope you enjoyed this installment of Tales from the Primary.

Today I'm thankful for getting a decent amount of sleep last night despite the time change, not having to prepare Primary lessons for next week, kids learning to appreciate anime, having lots of cookies, and the Terra card that's available in Kingdom Hearts [chi] for White Day.