February 10th, 2015


Excitement for the future

We just wrote another review of a book we translated, and I'm pretty excited about all these posts we've written! Too bad we can't post them yet. Oh well. I think we'll be able to post one soon. Like in a month. When does the Big Hero 6 manga come out? March...something? And by the way, we're translating the Big Hero 6 manga! (I think it's okay to talk about it now, because Yen Press posted the cover for volume one on Facebook, so now we know it's not confidential.)

In honor of the occasion (by which I mean we translated volume one a couple months ago and it was on our minds when we were at Disneyland last week), we bought a set of Big Hero 6 pins and a Baymax plush. I should post pictures...sometime. Maybe I'll post them with the review we wrote! We also want to buy t-shirts, but we figured we shouldn't go too crazy with spending, especially because we hadn't yet decided not to go to Japan. But here's an interesting(?) piece of trivia: a lot of the Big Hero 6 merchandise has the title of the movie written in katakana. But! you can tell it's still American merchandise, because in Japan, the title of the movie is Baymax (with a super cute Baymax face in the small tsu).

Anyway, we're still ridiculously busy, but we got a lot more work on Noragami done than expected today, so the chances of us finishing it by our deadline are getting better and better! We would just finish our first draft today, but we have Plans. Disneyland is having a special screening of Pinocchio for annual passholders today, complete with some kind of a panel discussion. We're pretty excited about it, but a little bit sad because it's cutting into our video game time. We have an unopened package containing Persona 3 and Persona 4, and we're still in the middle of Birth by Sleep! And Final Fantasy X. And Final Fantasy XIII-2. And Mysteria. And a bunch of other games that fell by the wayside when we had to put everything in storage. But mostly Birth by Sleep, because I think that's the only one we'll bother finishing before starting on Persona.

In the meantime, Page is looking absolutely adorable in her heated cat bed. I'm so glad she rediscovered it.

And now, it's off to the theatre! (Quoting the movie makes me even more excited to see it again! Yay!)

Today I'm thankful for having a ridiculously fun time at work today, getting to go to a special screening of Pinocchio, still having chocolate covered pretzels, having two shiny new video games to play eventually, and getting Valentines at church on Sunday.