January 29th, 2015


Working away

Oh man, the last couple of days were intense. Today we worked until after seven o'clock, and that's pretty late for us. I want to say that the project we worked on was pretty brain-drainy, but I can't even tell anymore. I think my brain feels mostly fine, but my back is tired (we've been working on improving our posture).

Yesterday was a lot more eventful. Wednesdays with Walt was a little early because Disneyland closed early so they could have a big press event to announce all the stuff they're doing for the 60th anniversary. So after lunch, we headed to the park to watch the old 1955 special, "Man in Space." It was pretty interesting, talking about all the science of space travel, as it was understood in 1959. I'm really interested to know how well that science holds up these days--if what we know now is built on all that, or if we've found out things to disprove some of it.

The especially interesting (where by "interesting" I mean "horrifying") part was when they talked about space medicine, and all the terrible things that could happen to a person in space. Oh man, when it talked about zero gravity and how it basically feels like falling all the time, it gave Athena a whole new appreciation for Zero Enna's fear of zero gravity (see: The Candidate for Goddess). I thought about how I feel when going down a drop on a roller coaster or on Pirates of the Caribbean, and I decided I was totally cool with staying right here on Earth. I also wondered if that's what it really feels like, or if it was just a theory, because when that TV episode was made, I don't think there had been any men in space yet.

After the show, we went to Olaf's Snow Fest, because we had each gotten a taste of the "Warm Hugs Hot White Cocoa" that they sell there, and we felt the need to buy some. We didn't buy any when we first tasted it, because we weren't in a situation where we could take it home and put it in the refrigerator, and that's just what we wanted to do. But we also wanted to try the "Snowberry Twist" pastry thing they had there, and I only mention it because when we got ours, they turned out to be much sparklier than we originally thought. They were the sparkliest pastries we've ever eaten, I think. Not only was there blue granulated sugar on top, but on top of that, there was edible blue glitter. We were a little sad that Gaston wasn't there to see it, because his favorite color is sparkle.

We also got to see a little of the live entertainment they have at Olaf's Snow Fest: The Twobadours (Threebadours!, as the one who gets left out likes to amend). It might also be Tubadours, because there's a tuba. Maybe one day I'll actually post pictures of things.

Then we came home and translated a chapter of UQ Holder!. It had a twist in it that I don't think anybody will see coming! I could be wrong, though. Maybe someone saw it coming. Pinkie Pie might have seen it coming.

Today I'm thankful for getting to try some chilled warm hugs hot white cocoa, getting all of our work done, Page's adorable favorite spot of the day (she made a little cave out of the blanket that was falling off Athena's bed), sparkly pastries, and 24-hour guilt up time at Kingdom Hearts [chi].