January 26th, 2015


More adventure

Fortunately, choir practice turned out not to go too badly, even though we didn't really have decent music to practice from. The people who showed up were all pretty good-natured about it, and one woman was gumptiony enough to go online and find a free arrangement and print it out. So we'll be practicing from that next week. The original plan was to not practice next week, because there's some kind of a TV event that would keep people from wanting to attend, but everyone who was there was like, "Aw, come on. Why not just have practice anyway?" This is such a reversal from what we're used to that the surprise might be a factor in our less-than-stellar health today. Maybe it's just air pressure. The point is, we both woke up with the beginnings of a headache, which was not an ideal situation for going to Disneyland, but we did it anyway.

Nothing really worth mentioning happened at Disneyland, but there were some interesting stories about incredibly mundane dreams. Before Alice started the car, she said someone's door wasn't closed all the way, and when I opened and closed my door again the problem was solved. I thought that was funny, because I remembered having a dream where I had a problem closing a car door all the way. Then Gaston told about one time he had a dream about him and his then-girlfriend driving somewhere, him needling her about not going fast enough, and her getting pulled over for speeding. That day, they did drive somewhere, he did needle her about not going fast enough despite the warning, and she got pulled over for speeding. He thought that was pretty funny; she did not.

Unfortunately, no one had had a dream (that they remembered) about parking the car in the alley (not in our garage but much closer to our apartment) and getting towed, because otherwise maybe we would have parked in the garage and the car wouldn't have gotten towed. They only did it because they were just going to run into the apartment, get the rest of their stuff, use the facilities, and be on their way. They were only inside for five or ten minutes, but by the time they got back out, the car had disappeared. It was bad. Fortunately, our super awesome visiting teacher was available to come over and drive them to the impound lot or whatever that's called.

And while they went off to deal with that, we got something to eat and took some ibuprofen to help our headaches subside and hopefully be able to focus enough to get some work done. Our schedule is going to be pretty tight this week. Speaking of which...

Hey guys, we're translating the Persona Q Shadow of the Labyrinth: Side P4 manga that just started on Crunchyroll! Tadah! We're pretty excited about it, but there's one little snag in that we haven't played the game! We're sorry, Persona fans! We will play the game when we can find time! ...and the game. We've done a bit of research on that, but we've been a little bit swamped lately. We do have a glossary that will help us get all the game lingo right, and a couple of weeks ago we were a little bit miffed that the game translators decided to deal with Teddie's speech quirk by making him use bear puns, because we were like, "Are you KIDDING ME!? We don't have the brain power to come up with PUNS!!!" So we're thinking every time we get started on a chapter of Persona, we're going to need to have a list of words associated with bears, so we can have them on our mind and readily available when Teddie starts talking. And hopefully we'll have more brain power when the next chapter comes along.

And in the interest of replenishing brain power, it's time to relax.

Today I'm thankful for Gaston and Alice taking us to the store to buy milk and kitty litter, our super awesome visiting teacher driving them to get their car, laid-back but still motivated choirs, the lovely rainy weather, and having a shiny new video game to look forward to playing someday.