January 24th, 2015


Surprise plans

We had surprise plans this weekend. Not that we were planning a surprise, but that we were surprised with plans. We didn't think we had plans, but it turned out that we did. In fact, we'd had an inkling that plans were in the works, because we knew Gaston and Alice had a thing nearby last night, but Gaston had only mentioned it once in the past, and it was all along the lines of, "I'm trying to decide exactly what I want to do," so we figured the best way to not be annoyed with the world (as tends to happen when we have tentative plans that turn out not to happen) was to carry on as if there were no plans. Then Gaston called yesterday and said, "You know we're coming tonight, right?" And that's when we said to each other, "Oh. I guess we should vacuum." Darn cat allergies.

So not only were Gaston and Alice going to crash at our place after their thing nearby...oh I should mention that first. They had a couple's cooking class, and they would have been happy to share their leftovers with us, but they knew we didn't eat anything so they figured (correctly) that it was a pointless offer. However, for dessert they made panna cotta, which they told us was like vanilla pudding and therefore probably not objectionable. We'd seen it on MasterChef many times, because it seems like panna cotta is The Dessert to make if you want to impress the judges--the contestants are always making it, like it's some big thing. So we tried it and it was alright. Looking it up at Wikipedia, it seems like it's probably more like flan than pudding, but then again, in Japan, flan is pudding (or purin, which often gets translated as pudding), but anyway, I prefer the texture and milkiness of puddings so I wasn't really impressed by the panna cotta. But we're glad we got to try it!

Anyway, not only were Gaston and Alice going to crash at our place after their thing nearby, but Gaston even had plans for us this morning! They were determined to buy us a Christmas present, and since Athena's shoes were like a million (very close to ten) years old, that's what they wanted to get us! But then Mom got us shoes for Christmas and Gaston was disappointed to have been thwarted in his plans. We mentioned that we would like to get new church shoes, because the ones we have, while fairly easy on the feet, offer absolutely no cushioning. So when we end up walking to church, things get a little painful, and that's why we thought we'd like new church shoes. And this morning, Gaston and Alice made that wistful dream(?) a reality!

And we got some pretty nice new shoes, but since we were at an outlet store and we have big feet, we couldn't get matching pairs. That wasn't quite so much of a problem except that Gaston was pretty insistent that we should get shoes with heels, and we at least wanted to be the same height. But we kind of wanted shoes with heels anyway, so it's probably for the best that he talked us out of just going with some flats. We haven't worn heeled shoes in...well, we wore some when we went to the Nova interview back in 2006 (I remember the year because we went home and Kingdom Hearts II was a massive help in getting over the stress of that whole day--not that it was a bad day, but driving three hours for a job interview that would either take us to a foreign country for an indefinite amount of time or reject us isn't exactly a relaxing pastime), but that was a one-time thing, and before that we hadn't worn heels since...maybe high school.

Fortunately, we were able to find heels that are stable enough that we can actually walk on them, and we even think they're pretty cute. They're from a brand called Clarks (or maybe Clarke with an E, and maybe there's an apostrophe, or maybe I added the S, or maybe we could go check the shoebox but pffffffft), which comes highly recommended from Gaston and Alice, both of whom pay much more attention to shoe brands than either of us (granted, that's a very easy feat). Anyway, we'll see if we still like them when we're done with church tomorrow.

Now our friends have gone off to San Diego, because Gaston's brother is playing in his first professional roller hockey game and they're going to cheer him on. They'll be back tomorrow night, and of course they can't come by without a trip to Disneyland, so we'll be going there on Monday morning. This makes us regret quitting work early yesterday, but only a little. We might regret it more on Thursday night.

Today I'm thankful for another visit with friends (we had a little bit of fun with our new handbells), Gaston and Alice being so kind as to buy us new church shoes, getting to try panna cotta, not having to worry about a ride to stake choir practice tomorrow, and having cute new shoes to wear to church tomorrow.