January 12th, 2015

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Impending doom--I mean deadlines

Today is a day of having to convince myself that no, our busy schedule is probably not because we've somehow lost the ability to work quickly. Thinking about it rationally, our workload is such that we would have a pretty average workweek (for us) if we didn't keep cramming in extra things like two-day trips to Disneyland. So yes, it is all our fault, but it's more within our control than maybe I thought at first.

See, we pulled up our schedule to make sure that our closest deadline really is My Little Monster, and sure enough, that one's due on the 16th. Today's the 12th. That gives us four days (five if you count the 16th, too), which is about as long as we usually take to translate a volume of manga. But for some reason, the realization that we only had that many days made me panic a little, and then I was like, "It takes us FOUR WHOLE DAYS to translate a volume of manga? What is wrong with us!?" I think what's wrong is that Harlequin Manga and other projects have skewed our idea of average manga-volume translation time.

Still, we're going to have to work overtime today anyway, because we are cutting it close with the deadline, and then we had to take time out to do extra things again.

Another problem may be not fully considering future deadlines. For example, I saw that My Little Monster is due on Friday, and then we have until February 2nd to translate Let's Dance A Waltz. That's plenty of time, and we should be able to relax! I thought, knowing full well that we have a Chaika deadline on February 6th. ...And actually, thinking about that again, that really might give us a little bit of time to relax, because it shouldn't take us more than a week for either of those. But just to be on the safe side, it might be a good idea to act like we have a book due every week for the next little while. Especially because we never know when we might end up taking a day or two off to go to Disneyland, or a rush project might pop up.

In the meantime, we're still trying to catch up on writing reviews for the manga we translated. If we don't write one for Chaika and Your Lie in April soon, it will defeat the whole point. The point was to say what was on our minds when it was closer to being on our minds, before all those thoughts are crowded out by thoughts about the next translation. And then post it later, when everyone else can read the book and know what we're talking about without spoilers. So before we get back to working overtime today, it's off to write a Chaika review!

Today I'm thankful for getting to take home some strawberry cupcakes from the Primary thing last night, having four whole days to finish My Little Monster, Mamoru Miyano posting pictures of Yuuki Kaji on his blog, having fun TV to look forward to later, and finally finding more reviews of Noragami 2.
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