January 10th, 2015


Back at Disneyland

Today is such perfect video game weather, but we still have things to do before we can just play Kingdom Hearts all night. Including updating LiveJournal. Tadah!

And we were going to talk about Wednesday at Disneyland. It started with breakfast, and then a visit to the Royal Theatre, where they were premiering their new Frozen show. Collapse )

After the show, we went on a couple of rides with Gaston's cousins. It was fun because when we went on the submarines, we happened to be riding with an Australian family, and since the Finding Nemo version takes place in Australia, it added to the ambiance. Then at the end when the captain said some Australian slang thing that I don't remember, they all laughed and repeated it. I think it was "Check you later," but I'm not sure.

By this point, Gaston had gone off to do some hockey shopping offsite, and his cousins wanted to have lunch. We enjoyed their company, but we weren't prepared to eat lunch with a bunch of people we hardly knew, and we were inexplicably exhausted. So we split off from the group and went to Frontierland to die. We shared an order of cheese sticks, because even though lack of food was almost certainly contributing to the problem, neither of us had the energy to eat more than that. And then we just sat and died for about half an hour or so.

Eventually we recovered enough to move, and we stood up to go to Critter Country or something, but as soon as we were on our feet, we suddenly thought, "Hey, how about some ice cream?" So we went into the Golden Horseshoe for sundaes. We wanted one with mint ice cream, and they have a mint sundae, but it's for chumps. All it has is ice cream, whipped cream, and chocolate chips. And a cherry, but who even notices? What kind of a "sundae" doesn't have sauce? And last time we tried asking them to add sauce, they just gave us the regular hot fudge sundae only with mint cream, which would be fine except that their hot fudge sundae comes with cookies that really aren't that good. I mean, maybe if they were hot when they put them in the sundae, but they're always cold, and putting them with ice cream makes them more cold, and it's jawbreaking work to eat them.

So I was standing in line, trying to decide what to do about this ice cream dilemma, when I saw a Sign. It was for one of the seasonal menu offerings: ice cream nachos. Broken up waffle cones (chips) covered in hot fudge, and three scoops of ice cream! With whipped cream, chocolate chips, and a cherry, but who cares about that stuff. And you can have whatever kind of ice cream you want! AND! it cost less than a dollar more than the other sundaes (which only have two scoops of ice cream)! So we ordered one, and it was amazing, and I thought, "Wow, all those other sundaes are for suckers."

Then we were sufficiently re-energized, but my phone was not. The only solution was to use what little power I had left on it to text Gaston and let him know that we would be waiting in one specific place, and then go there and Not Move until somebody found us. So we did just that, and not long thereafter, we were reunited with Gaston. There was, however, a considerable amount of trouble meeting back up with his cousins, and after some crossed wires and waiting in vain, we had just enough time to go on Space Mountain before it was time to part ways with Gaston's cousins and go see Wednesdays With Walt.

Wednesdays With Walt was really cool, because they showed the Emmy-winning episode of the Disneyland TV show that was basically a making-of documentary for 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. It talked all about their underwater filming, and about the Jules Verne diving costumes. When they said those suits weighed about 225 pounds, suddenly I had a lot less sympathy for the Rapunzel actresses who couldn't handle a 25-pound wig. They also talked about the fish that they had swimming around in the background, and how it was the casting directors job to catch them and keep them in a net until it was their time to go onscreen. And! the shark attack that happened in the movie was not planned. A real shark crashed the set, and at first nobody cared because they had been filming underwater with fish for a while, so nobody thought anything of it. But then the shark got a little too close, too many times (before it got bored and swam away). And one of the cameramen happened to be filming the whole thing, so they used the footage.

After the show, we went to Starbucks and got salted caramel tarts that were surprisingly delicious. (Not that I didn't expect them to be delicious, but that they were more delicious than I expected regardless.)

And then we got home and wanted to die, but we had to translate UQ Holder! instead.

Today I'm thankful for Mr. Smythe and Mr. Jones making everything better, those salted caramel tarts (which actually weren't salty, but still yummy), ice cream nachos, not getting hopelessly lost (although, worst case scenario, we would have walked home and called somebody once my phone was plugged in, or used Athena's phone (which was at home)), and powdered donut holes being on sale at the grocery store today.