January 9th, 2015


I don't think we've ever used this icon before.

Originally, I was planning to finish our Disneyland report today, but then coastal_spirit asked us why we hate Frozen. I was still going to finish our Disneyland report, but then it occurred to me that the majority of that report will probably be talking about the Royal Theatre version of Frozen, and I thought a proper review of the movie might give some perspective about some of our reactions. Of course, it might not, because it all depends on what ends up being included in the Royal Theatre review, but since neither review has been written yet...well, the point is I'm thinking about it.

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Well, I knew that was going to get long. Ha, ha, ha.

Today I'm thankful for finishing the translation we were working on, getting our hand bells yesterday, finally getting the CTR rings we ordered, getting to watch Agent Carter last night, and getting to order a pizza tonight.
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