January 5th, 2015



Well today turned out to be full of surprises. Or rather, one surprise that altered our entire schedule. The non-incantation part of Chaika took us a little longer to finish than I'd expected (I should learn not to expect things like that, really), and the incantation part took about as long as expected. We ended up going with reasonably close German words for the one, and just making something up for the other. We just couldn't find one language that consistently had words that could maybe sorta sound like the ones formed by the katakana.

So we did what we could, including writing many notes to the editor, and got ready to send it in. When we pulled up email...we had one from a different editor, asking if perchance we had...okay, remember a couple weeks ago, when we had a super rush project that turned into a not rushed in the least project? Well, we had finished the rough draft and it was pretty easy, so we figured we had plenty of time before we needed to edit it. That being the case, we started and finished a volume of Noragami and Chaika, and took a trip to Fresno, and maybe a trip to Disneyland, but I'd have to check dates to be sure on that. And we still have plenty of time before our deadline, but our editor was hoping we had it ready already (he knew we'd already done a first draft).

This caused a minor panic, because we thought our deadline was the fourteenth, not the fourth, but what if it really was the fourth and we've been ruining our schedule all along!? Of course, that wouldn't make any sense, because the fourth was a Sunday, and we checked the email before and checked it again today (after the panic) to make sure it did in fact say the fourteenth, so we're pretty sure we're okay and that our editor is just an eager beaver like we can be sometimes.

But anyway, we were feeling pretty energetic, or at least not drained, so we decided to just keep working even though it was our usual quitting time and we were getting a little loopy after looking up all the Swedish/Norwegian/Danish/Dutch/Polish/Sorbian possibilities for that incantation. But then we realized we hadn't turned in our Chaika translation yet, so we got ready to do that...

And then it occurred to me that during our research we discovered that the name Chaika is a real word in Russian and why oh why hadn't we been checking into Russian possibilities!? Oh yeah. Because Russian has a different alphabet, and we don't know it. (This is where I think Wiktionary is a little mean; if I'm not using the right alphabet, it might be because I don't know how to use it and it would be nice if you would be so kind as to give us the Roman alphabet equivalent. But then they might as well also have the katakana equivalent and I guess there just aren't a lot of contributors to free websites who think, "Gee, I have a lot of free time on my hands. Why don't I just make a database of every Russian word in existence and its spelling in every alphabet in existence?" On the bright side of all this research, we learned the Khmer has a pretty nifty-looking writing system.)

So we pulled up a Russian alphabet pronunciation guide and copied and pasted the letters into Wiktionary to see if we could find any words that might be close to what we were looking for, and the answer is, "Nnuh?" Or, if you're not sure how to pronounce that, "Nn, maybe...?"

And then we finally got back to work on the rushed-not-rushed-rushed project. Fortunately, that went pretty okay. There were a few hold-ups that were annoying, but we were doing fine. And then dinnertime came along to rescue us. When we got back from dinner, we had an email from our editor (in response to ours) saying it was okay to turn the whole script in by Monday, and for our sanity's sake, we're going to call it a day. And go ramble about it on LiveJournal. Then we'll get back to the rushed-not-rushed-rushed-not-rushed project when we're done going to Disneyland with Gaston, who's supposed to be arriving tonight.

Now we have to email our editor and make sure we get the appropriate paperwork all taken care of.

Today I'm thankful for finishing that Chaika translation, being able to look up the Russian alphabet with the click of a button (as opposed to having to search throughout the library), having that much less work to do when we're done at Disneyland, having yummy corn muffins, and having time to watch some of the TV shows we wanted to watch today after all.