January 4th, 2015


New year, new challenges

Our ward now meets at eleven every week, so we think we're finally going to be able to catch up on the sleep we missed and be able to function better again. Challenges remain, however, including one that is threatening to make me lose all sense of tempo. Last week, the bishop asked if I could play prelude music slowly. I thought it would be easy enough, but it's turning out to be nearly impossible. I just can't keep time that slowly. And now it's throwing off my sense of speed on everything I play! I'm going to need to get a new metronome (I have one, but it's Packed somewhere). In the meantime, the new strategy is to play more upbeat hymns for prelude music, because then I'll know that I'm playing them slower than normal.

In other news, with the new year comes new Primary classes. There's really not a lot to talk about there, except maybe the fact that Athena and I each had a visitor in our class today, and they came from the same family and were both shy but really knew their stuff and paid attention and everything. That being the case, it was hard not to favorite them (I thought about using "favor" because it's really a verb, but it's not quite the same thing as what I mean, I think). And thus we realize once again that there's a reason teacher's pets become the teacher's pet.

And since I'm mostly just talking about random things today, we got an email from Duolingo the other day that's making us almost maybe possibly reconsider how much time we allot to that app. We had been using it to learn German, but we stopped because it hadn't taught us any grammar rules and it was driving me nuts not knowing how to know when to use das or den or dem or whatever correctly. And we got busy with other stuff like work and Kingdom Hearts. But now we got this email, and Duolingo has added languages! Including Swedish and Irish! And it just seems so cool to be able to know Swedish and Irish, and we have heritage from both those countries. (And Germany, which is why we started with German and not Italian. Most of our British heritage is actually Scottish I think, but still!)

Also, it just seems like, from a linguistic perspective and having to deal with manga incantations that may or may not be derived from European languages, it would be helpful to have a basic knowledge of several different languages, so we can say, "Oh yeah, that sounds like it could come from..." Or it could be a terrible thing, because with this one incantation in Chaika, it sounds like it could come from German, but we don't know enough German to know what German it could be, if it really is German after all. We tried asking Gaston, who speaks German fluently, but he doesn't know how Japanesization of German words works, so we're still in the dark.

But enough about work. The point is, languages are neat!

Today I'm thankful for having eleven o'clock church this year, getting corn muffins at Bread Day, having lots of potential for eating cookies tonight, teacher's pets, and the hope of getting to hear about Logan's first day in Sunbeams.