January 2nd, 2015



Our plans for Monday got changed and now we're in that weird place where we're pretty sure it's okay to not keep working, but we're not 100% certain. The idea, originally, was to get close to finishing Chaika today, go to Disneyland on Monday, and finish Chaika on Monday or Tuesday, depending on how we're feeling. Then Gaston called and we made plans for him to come to Disneyland on Tuesday.

That being the case, we definitely have to finish Chaika on Monday, and we should have plenty of time to do it, but we're paranoid about everything, especially because we're saving the spell incantations for last. We've been checking into possibilities of what those words could be when we've had a few minutes to spare, and so far we've mostly come up with, "hey, this word sounds like it might be this German word, and oh look! if I look up this possible spelling of this word, it might be this interestingly applicable Turkish word!" It's a little exasperating. It's the kind of thing that if it turns out to be real words and we can identify them, we'll feel very accomplished. But if it turns out to be made-up words and we spent hours trying to find them, we'll want to throw things.

We may just have to say something in our email to the editor: "We're not sure if the incantations come from real words or not, so if you can get word from the author about what language it's supposed to be, we can look some things up and see what we can find, but in the meantime, here's what we came up with."

What makes it extra special is that, during our research, we came across a Japanese message board that talked about Chaika, and one of the comments said, "I thought it was all a made up language, but turns out gando comes from gandr which really means wand!" Gando is series lingo for kanji that translate to "machine wand," but! they use a different word in the manga. A word that we have yet to truly identify. And we don't know if the original novel uses the anime word or the manga word! Aaaaaaahhhh... *thud*

I'm not sure what that thud is, but it seemed appropriate. Ah well, I'm sure we'll work it out somehow.

Today I'm thankful for Reese's chocolate peanut butter spread, Page returning safely from her adventure (we noticed she was outside the fence and were planning to open the gate when we finished brushing our hair, but she disappeared before that happened; I went out in search and found her exploring the grounds; when she saw me, she ran back into the apartment, either because she was freaked out from whatever scared her away in the first place (we did hear a dog bark) or because she was afraid she would be in trouble for straying so far), getting a good amount of work done on Chaika today, finally seeing Thor 2 last night, and at least knowing we can find most of the appropriate name spellings by looking up car manufacturers.