December 28th, 2014



Today is the kind of cold that makes us want to bundle up under the blankets and do nothing but stay warm. It's not even really that cold, it being southern California--it's like 62 degrees or something. But our pilot light hasn't been lit and so it's also approximately 62 (or actually 63, according to inside as well as outside, and that's not a livable temperature for the likes of us. Fortunately, we have a space heater in the living room. Unfortunately, the computer is not in the living room.

But anyway, Collapse )

Today I'm thankful for today being the last week of nine o'clock church for a year, everyone at least sort of liking the gifts we gave them, the heater, the lovely gifts we received, and still having lots of cookies to look forward to eating (Costco may have gotten rid of their Christmas cookies, but Vons still had some good ones!).