December 14th, 2014


You learn something new...

Today we learned that we're going to have to start writing our notes differently when Kinoko no Yama gets mentioned in manga. In fact, there's a note in My Little Monster that could probably stand to be changed, but I think we're just going to let that one go.

So what happened was I was teaching my Primary class, and since the kids love to talk about themselves, one little girl reported that she had mushrooms in her bag (she had a cute little stylish purse) for her to eat when she got hungry. We know this girl's family pretty well, and we know she's a very picky eater (she wouldn't even try the spice cupcakes we got after choir practice a few weeks ago!), so I thought that was a little odd, but even I used to enjoy cream of mushroom soup when I was her age, so whatever.

As the lesson went on, we had a little board game that we played, but this little girl decided she didn't want to play for some reason. Instead, she decided it was her job to award some of her candy to whoever won. She gave up that job when it started to look like the child who wasn't her best friend was going to win. So she gave her candy to her friend before the game was over, but since the point of the game was learning to choose the right and prepare for when Jesus comes again, we learned that one thing we can do to prepare is share. So the little girl who got the Skittles shared with everyone, and the little girl distributing candy got out a Hershey bar to share with the little boy.

But the Hershey bar was really old, and obviously so, so to make up for that, Candy Girl returned to her purse and pulled out her mushrooms. They were Kinoko no Yama! Only with no Japanese text on the packaging. They go by Chocorooms now. I guess if we'd bothered to do more research, we would have known that in time to include it in the note for My Little Monster, but since they tend to sell the Japanese version at places like Anime Expo, we just didn't realize they were being marketed in non-specialty markets. (A little more research reveals that their rival candy, Takenoko no Sato, are being (or will be) sold Stateside as Chococones. A little more research also reveals that the note may still be necessary, because the Meiji website indicates that Chocorooms and Chococones are so new that most people don't sell them yet.)

Anyway, the mushrooms were shared among the children and we had a happy ending. Tadah!

Today I'm thankful for finding out that Meiji is looking into selling Kinoko no Yama Stateside (we should have asked the girl's mother where they bought them), Takenoko no Sato also coming to the US, Page being mostly agreeable when we try to groom a little of her latest flea treatment off of her, learning the tenor part in Angels We Have Heard on High, and still having a few more hot cocoa cookies for later.